Pokémon Diamond 2 and Jade 2 are bootlegged versions of Telefang 2. Like the first Telefang, the Power Version became Diamond 2, and the Speed Version became Jade 2. The similarities of the titles of the Telefang 2 bootlegs and the Chinese Telefang 1 bootlegs suggest that these may be the same pirates. The only known versions of these bootlegs are in Chinese; however, there is also an Engrish version called Pokémon Ruby, which has no relation to the real game made by Game Freak.

Pokemon Jade 2

Pokémon Jade 2 title screen.

Not much is known about the bootlegs. It is known, however, that, like the original, the title screens are doctored and are of poor quality. Unlike the first Diamond and Jade, the title screens have actual Pokémon characters. The Diamond 2 title screen has an Arcanine, and two protagonists from the Pokémon universe (Kris and Ethan, from Pokémon Crystal). Like the Diamond 1 title screen and box art, there are three diamonds on the bottom, suggesting that the pirates who bootlegged this game may be the same ones as the original Telefang pirates. The Jade 2 title screen has Dragon from Shrek, and has a jade at the bottom, like Jade 1's title screen and box art, again suggesting that these are the same pirates.

Diamond 2's or Jade 2's box art is Arcanine, a Pokémon or Dragon from Shrek.

Diamond 2 and Jade 2 has less functional glitches, but more graphical ones. Diamond 2 crashes when the phone menu screen is accessed, making it only playable with a save state from a real version of Telefang 2 Power. Jade 2 can load the phone menu screen, but it is full of graphical glitches. The battery and reception indicators are missing, as is the "A: OK B: Cancel" text at the bottom. Various phone functions also have graphical glitches, such as viewing stats of Denjuu or looking at the Picture Book. However, unlike the original bootlegs, Jade 2 can actually load a saved game. There are also no other known glitches that affect gameplay apart from Diamond 2's inability to load the menu.

The items and moves are not translated at all. They are instead given index numbers.

The Smilesoft, Natsume, and Comic BonBon logos are also replaced as well (this is unlike the original, where it loads straight to the title screen). The Smilesoft is replaced with the Roman numeral "II", the Natsume logo is completely blank, and the Comic BonBon logo is replaced with the Roman numeral "I".

These bootlegs are far less known than the original ones, and therefore do not have the same infamy that the original bootlegs have. As a result, Telefang 2's reputation among people outside of Japan is not as bad as Telefang 1's.

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