Rex mod evolving in Telefang 2

Mod evolution (short for 'modified evolution') is one of the methods of evolution in the Telefang series. It is done by fusing the correct items with the respective Denjuu. Unlike natural evolution, mod and experimentally evolved can be carried out regardless of level of the Denjuu.

In Telefang 1, the player can obtain mod evolution items by buying them from shops, from treasure chests, or from a person, and talks to the Gumi in the bottom left of some shops throughout the game.

In Telefang 2, the mod evolution items can be randomly found after winning a battle. The player can then mod evolve Denjuu by fusing them with their respective items in the modification building (改造屋).

Mod evolved Denjuu generally have weaker stats than naturally evolved Denjuu.

Differences in mod evolution between Telefang 1 and 2Edit

In Telefang 1, mod evolution is permanent, but however is reversible in Telefang 2.


Animation of Potzal mod evolving in Telefang 1

Also, in Telefang 1, mod evolution does not change a Denjuu's type, but it does in Telefang 2. The types of mod evolved Denjuu in Telefang 1 which return in Telefang 2 are also changed. For example, Easydog, which is obtained from mod evolving from Beebalm, is Grassland Grassland-type in Telefang 1 (which is also Beebalm's type), but is Desert Desert-type in Telefang 2.

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