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This is a list of humans and notable Denjuu found in the Denjuu world.

Telefang 1Edit


  • Shigeki (Japanese: シゲキ) - The protagonist of Telefang 1.
  • Matsukiyo (Japanese: マツキヨ) - A child genius who wants to learn more about the Denjuu world. He accidentally gets transported there along with Shigeki.
  • Miyo (Japanese: ミヨ) - A strong-willed girl described as a childhood friend of Shigeki, but teases him about never having been to the Denjuu world. Her Denjuu partner is Suguri.
  • Kai (Japanese: カイ) - A mysterious boy encountered during Shigeki's travels, his purpose in the Denjuu world is unclear. In the Power Version, his partner is Angios, while in Speed Version it is Gymnos.
  • Sanaeba (Japanese: サナエバ) - The owner of Sanaeba pharmaceutical company, which was the first to discover the Denjuu world. After their discovery they began to branch their business into other areas, and they control the human-to-Denjuu world gates. While children are allowed in and out for free, adults must pay a fee. Sanaeba seems to have his name attached to many of the problems which have cropped up in the Denjuu world, and is apparently manipulating Denjuu for unknown reasons.
  • Nerikara (Japanese: ネリカラ) - A member of Sanaeba who gets people to vote him for prime minister of the Denjuu world by setting up a curry store. The Denjuu seem to have a positive response towards curry.
  • Tabasco (Japanese: タバスコ) - A enemy of Shigeki in the Denjuu world.


  • Crypto - A strong Denjuu with a hot-tempered personality. It is assigned by Musa as Shigeki's first partner in the Power Version.
  • Fungus - A swift Denjuu with a faithful personality. It is assigned by Musa as Shigeki's first partner in the Speed Version.
  • Musa - An old, turtle-like Denjuu who is the first to greet Shigeki and Matsukiyo after they arrive in the Denjuu world. He asks for their help with various problems that the Denjuu world is suffering, and introduces Shigeki to his first partner.
  • Angios/Gymnos- Partners of Kai (Angios in Power Version and Gymnos in Speed Version).

Telefang 2Edit

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