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Kakuza Party Member
カクザ党 (カクザとう)Kakuzatou
Kakuza tou
Kakuza Party Member about to enter a battle
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A Kakuza Party Member (Japanese: カクザとう; Romaji: Kakuzatou; Bootleg: Kakuzato) is a type of T-Fanger found in Telefang 1. They appear in the beginning of the game. They are part of the Kakuza Party, which is led by Nerikara (who is running for prime minister of the Denjuu world). They have a unique look, appearing to be dressed in a costume, with bulging eyes and long nails.

Naming problemsEdit

The previously used name, Stranded Child (擱座とう), is incorrect, since the word "stranded" (擱座) only applies to large vehicles such as ships being unable to move. Kakuza is also shown as katakana, which does not allow the meaning of stranded to apply.

In this case, this name is more appropriately used in the context of Nerikara running for prime minister, and these animal-suit lackeys do their best to follow his orders and spam the party name (Kakuza Party) and slogan (For the bright future!).

The name is also a pun on かく ざとう kaku zatou (compare カクザ とう kakuza tou), the Japanese term for cube sugar (角砂 糖).


The Denjuu that this T-Fanger has are usually around low levels.

The following is a list of Denjuu that all Kakuza Party T-Fangers have.

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Appearances in-gameEdit