The Human World is the home to the human species. It is the original inhabitants of the main protagonists, and others, in the Keitai Denjuu Telefang series.


The Human World and Denjuu World are linked together by a the Antenna Trees. A shroud usually blocks the path between the two worlds, but after much research, human scientists have been able to get around this shroud with the development of a cellular-phone-like device called a D-Shot. One cannot pass through an Antenna tree without the assistance of one.

In Telefang 1Edit


The entire Human World in Telefang 1.

The main protagonist, Shigeki, finds a phone under the tree and transports to the Denjuu World. There is no way to return to the Human World after this.

There are some unused parts to the Human World, which are only accessible by hacking the game. None of the buildings can be entered; the doors to all the buildings are locked. It is unknown if there was any purpose to these buildings at all. Also, strangely, entering the tree does nothing, even though the intro shows Shigeki and Matsukiyo using the tree to enter the Denjuu World. The music when walking around the Human World is identical to the music inside a house, with the exception of the unused buildings on the top-left and top-right, in which case it is the same music when Miyo is encountered.

In Telefang 2Edit

In Telefang 2, the Human World is larger and all of it is accessible. It is now possible to return to it from the Denjuu World, unlike in Telefang 1. Three of the buildings can be entered, one of which sells new D-Shots.