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Bootleg: Concentr
Rex using Focus in Telefang 2
Move type Normal Normal
Found in Telefang 1 icon Telefang 2 icon
Effects Increases accuracy

Focus is a move found in both Telefang 1 and Telefang 2. It increases the user's accuracy for the duration of the battle.


The following Denjuu know this move naturally
Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageType
040 T1-040-I Cryptoarm Kuribute

Civilized Denjuu Forest Forest

056 T1-056-I Gilearth Jieas

Big Denjuu Mountain Mountain

113 T1-113-I Cryptosnipe Kuriputo

Super Machine Denjuu Forest Forest

The following Denjuu learn this move at a certain level
Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageTypeLevel
001 T1-001-I Tsunonasu Zinunas

Natural Denjuu Mountain Mountain L8

Telefang 2:

#2 Rex (Level 10)
#78 ヒューミング (Level 8)
#98 Hermit (Level 12)
#180 Rupicola (Level 8)
#182 パルロット (Level 12)
#193 セラトール (Level 10)