The evolution processes in Telefang 1 can be categorized into three methods. Within an evolution chain, the habitat type does not change but the Denjuu's name does change, in contrast to Telefang 2.

Certain evolution chains have branches in which Denjuu can evolve using different methods into one of two different Denjuu, using either natural evolution, mod evolution or experimental evolution.

Natural evolutionEdit

Natural evolution is caused by the levelling up of a Denjuu. When a Denjuu reaches a certain level, it evolves into another Denjuu. Denjuu who evolve through natural evolution have higher stats than Denjuu who evolve through other methods.

Natural evolution occurs between the following evolutionary stages:

Mod evolutionEdit

Mod evolution is caused by fusing a reform item and a Denjuu together.

Experimental evolutionEdit

Experimental evolution is caused by a DNA item used on a Denjuu.

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