There are several differences between Telefang 1 and its sequel, Telefang 2. The following table shows the differences between these two games.

Telefang 1 Telefang 2
Platform Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance
Starter Denjuu Crypto, in Power; Fungus in Speed Rex
Rival's Denjuu Angios, in Power; Gymnos, in Speed Doon, in Power; Gyuun, in Speed
Type effectiveness Type effectiveness based only on habitat types Type effectiveness based on attack's move types and defending habitat types
Items Only to mod evolve Denjuu, collect DNA and give experience Healing items, Attention items (increase chance of getting phone number), Key items, mod items
Healing Healing over time Healing with items, or through people
Number of Denjuu 174 200
Friend Denjuu Not present Randomly and briefly enters a battle to assist a Denjuu