A Denma attack is a type of move eventually learned by almost every Denjuu in the Telefang series. It is more powerful than regular attacks and is always the fourth move. Unlike regular attacks, which run off the user's Attack stat and the opponent's Defense stat, Denma attacks run off the user's Denma Attack stat and the opponent's Denma Defense stat. The higher the user's Denma Attack stat and the lower the opponent's Denma Defense stat, the more powerful the attack will be.

Telefang 1Edit

In Telefang 1, the attacks take many turns to charge before it can be used. While using it, the Denjuu cannot do anything else. There is a DP meter under the HP meter that indicates how much the attack is charged, and increases every turn. If a Denjuu charging an Denma attack gets disabled by an opponent (for example, paralysis), the attack will stop charging, and the disabled Denjuu can use any move that it wants once it is able to attack again. The DP meter, will, however, remain charged, so the Denjuu can use its Denma attack again and continue charging again from before. If a Denjuu has a move that causes it to evade attacks (such as hiding or flying), it is possible to evade the Denma attack entirely, causing the Denjuu using the attack to waste many turns. It is also possible for the attack to miss by chance.

Telefang 2Edit

In Telefang 2, Denma attacks can be used right away instead of waiting numerous turns for it to charge. However, it depletes the DP meter from anywhere to 10 to 50 points (out of 100) depending on the strength of the move, which limits its use. The DP meter can only be replenished by items, certain moves that specifically replenish DP, or healing Denjuu.

Some Denma attacks in Telefang 2 do not do damage, but instead recover a Denjuu (either the user or its partners), usually depleting little DP.

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