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Bootleg: Claw
Animation of Rex using Claw in Telefang 2
Move type Normal Normal
Found in Telefang 1 icon Telefang 2 icon

Claw is a move found in both Telefang 1 and Telefang 2. In Telefang 1, the move is depicted as a hand thrust or a scratch/slash on the opposing Denjuu.

Claw is somewhat stronger than basic attacks (Such as Rush or Bite).


The following Denjuu learn this move naturally
Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageType
040 T1-040-I Cryptoarm Kuribute

Civilized Denjuu Forest Forest

050 T1-050-I Nejiro Nejiro

Civilized Denjuu Sky Sky

055 T1-055-I Hagumanoki Sumac

Civilized Denjuu Forest Forest

060 T1-060-I Cryptoride Kuripute

Big Denjuu Forest Forest

066 T1-066-I Sugulai Sigeray

Big Denjuu Grassland Grassland

068 T1-068-I Gaiurus Geiwurus

Big Denjuu Grassland Grassland

079 T1-079-I Waitah Waita

Burst Denjuu Forest Forest

082 T1-082-I Gadhorou Jiadhelo

Burst Denjuu Sky Sky

094 T1-094-I Warutah Warta

Explosion Denjuu Forest Forest

101 T1-101-I Hiyu Amaranth

Explosion Denjuu Desert Desert

110 T1-110-I Angieon Andion

Explosion Denjuu Sky Sky

135 T1-135-I Kiringiku Chrysant

Super Denjuu Sky Sky

Telefang 2
No.NameBootleg nameStageType
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The following Denjuu learn this move at a certain level

Telefang 1
No.NameBootleg nameStageTypeLevel
005 T1-005-I Crypto Kuribute

Natural Denjuu Forest Forest L11
011 T1-011-I Suguri Sukori

Natural Denjuu Grassland Grassland L13
013 T1-013-I Byakubu Baibu

Natural Denjuu Grassland Grassland L14
021 T1-021-I Angios Anjiosi

Civilized Denjuu Sky Sky L8
024 T1-024-I Waratah Warata

Civilized Denjuu Forest Forest L15
025 T1-025-I Sorghum Surugem

Civilized Denjuu Desert Desert L11
033 T1-033-I Vanda Banda

Civilized Denjuu Forest Forest L18
035 T1-035-I Obana Obana

Civilized Denjuu Desert Desert L20
Telefang 2
No.NameBootleg nameStageType
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