An antenna tree is a special tree in the Telefang series that transports you to from one location to another with the help of the D-Shot. There are many of these throughout the Denjuu world in the Telefang series. Almost all antenna trees must be unlocked by completing some task.

In Telefang 2, antenna trees are being killed by Diablos, and they have to be recovered. There are 6 antenna tress in Telefang 2, and the order you visit them as follows:

  1. Human world
  2. Takedama Village
  3. Chiawata Village
  4. Helchika Village
  5. Uraani Village
  6. Holy Land Iasuka

After unlocking one, they can be visited to quickly travel to the next/previous tree unlocked. Ie. After unlocking all 6, the tree in Takedama Village can only transport you to either the Human World, or Chiawata Village, but not Uraani Village.